Doom Apocrypha

This page is intended to document some of the various Doom stuff that I've done. Much of it is obscure technical stuff but I felt the desire to record some of it for posterity.

Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) and its use in 3-D Rendering

A gentle introduction to BSP trees and how they are used in games like Doom. Originally written for a university assignment.
Jun 2001

The story of Freedoom

Coming soon.
Sep 2003

The Doom rendering engine

My overview posted to everything2 of how Doom's rendering engine works was subsequently used as the basis for Wikipedia's page on the Doom engine.
Feb 2007

PC speaker sound effects

I reverse engineer the PC speaker sound effect format, one of the last mysteries of the Doom IWAD file. Chocolate Doom became the first source port to include PC speaker sound support.
Mar 2007–Present

Youtube videos

I have a playlist on Youtube of various videos I've made of Doom technical stuff.
Oct 2007

The wonderful world of -statcopy

I investigate the mysterious -statcopy command line parameter found in Vanilla Doom, and write the world's first (?) external statistics driver.
Mar 2010

On the trail of DOOM2F.WAD

The story of how I tracked down a physical copy of the elusive French translation of Doom II.
Jan 2012

The design of E1M1

Doom's first level is iconic and has a surprisingly interesting design. I wrote an analysis of the level, originally posted to the Doomworld forums.
Jan 2012

The dark and forgotten art of GENMIDI

Another of Doom's obscure internals, the GENMIDI lump controls how Doom plays back music on Adlib/SoundBlaster cards. As part of developing the infrastructure for building Freedoom's GENMIDI lump, I wrote a guide explaining it and how to develop your own instrument mappings.
Nov 2015

That time I got my online handle into a Hollywood movie script

I wrote about my interactions in 2004 with the writer of the Doom movie adaptation, and how my online handle almost appeared in the film (the scene was ultimately cut).
Nov 2015

Artwork of Doom

“Artwork of Doom” published on the Doom Wiki, is my article documenting the origins of Doom's in-game artwork — from cultural influences, to sketches, clay models, photo books, and toy guns and dinosaurs.
Nov 2019

Debunking the Myth that Doom was Keyboard-only

Debunking a modern myth.


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