Toke tribute WAD

This is a project to collaboratively finish 1v1test1.wad, a collection of 21 levels made by Dylan "Toke" McIntosh before his tragic death. This is intended as a tribute to Toke, his life and especially his contributions to the Doom community.

For discussion, please see the Doomworld thread.


To see example of Toke's past work, check out:


99% complete - all levels submitted, fixups / final tweaks needed
Check out some of the Screenshots of the completed levels!

Level assignments

To request to be assigned a particular level, please email fraggle or post in the thread.
Map Assigned to Status Notes
MAP01 Naked_Snake / Mechadon completed
MAP02 Megalyth completed It has been noted that this level was released by Toke under the name moo2d.wad. When this was discovered, this replacement had already been submitted. It is open to debate what should be done about this level in light of this.
MAP03 Mechadon completed
MAP04 Megalyth completed
MAP05 Mechadon completed
MAP06 Megalyth completed
MAP07 Ralphis completed
MAP08 RottKing completed
MAP09 Scet completed
MAP10 RottKing completed
MAP11 Mechadon completed
MAP12 Slayer completed
MAP13 Mechadon completed
MAP14 Torn completed
MAP15 EarthQuake completed
MAP16 RottKing completed
MAP17 esselfortium completed
MAP18 Ed completed
MAP19 anarkavre / esselfortium completed
MAP20 Scet completed
MAP21 (Toke) Only minor fixes needed.

Test WAD

tokeitup.wad is a test build containing the submissions so far.

Other resources

Ideally, it would be nice to have some artwork and music as part of the WAD. If you can help with this, please email fraggle or post in the thread.


The following is a blend between the original and completed versions of MAP17. This is really a concept example: better versions could definitely be made on the same theme.