October 24, 1999, 11:25pm - New Tutorial

I underestimated the complexity of the remainder of the tutorials, so I only have the Random Thing Generator tutorial up at this point. It's pretty cool though, it includes some theoretical probability in it (10% of the time a soul sphere is spawned, 40% a medikit, etc.) which is something I haven't seen in a Doom level before.

October 23, 1999, 11:45pm - New Tutorial/Reference

Yeesh, twice in one day. With a bit of sleep in between updates. :) The new tutorial is rather short, called The Infamous Message. Also up are the Basic Function List/Syntax and the SMMU Linedef Trigger Types. I realize there are a bunch of sections undone, and I hope to have at least two more tutorials up by the end of the day. Stay tuned, or something.

October 23, 1999 - Finally, Content

There's an immense tutorial up, called "Basic Script Implementation", under the (duh) tutorials section. If there are any mistakes, forgive me - I spent about two hours writing it/making screenshots for it, making it precise as possible, and it's 1am at this point. Also, the "Fragglescript Syntax Rules" and "Complete Function List" sections are up. Expect the remaining sections to be done the rest of this weekend, hopefully.

Special thanks to three people: Cyb, who pimped the two graphics you see on these pages; Thomas Sturm, who linked me on his page, and Quido666, for help with use of Edmap.

October 22, 1999 - The Page Is Up

Welcome to the SMMU tutorials page! There's a bunch of tutorials here at this point. If you need to contact me, my email address is on the sidebar.