Sinclair QL disks

I first learnt programming at around age 9 in the early 1990s, on a Sinclair QL. The native storage format for the QL was microdrive cassettes, which were notoriously unreliable, slow and had a tiny capacity. Fortunately, my QL was equipped with a trump card expansion card, providing additional memory and floppy disk storage.

Recently, I dumped the contents of some of my old floppy disks to files and wrote some scripts to decode the contents.

Filesystem format

The QL disk file system format is a modified version of the format used on the original microdrive cassettes. I have written about the filesystem format.


Various scripts for extracting the contents of the disks. These are all written in Python.

QL software

This is some software that I managed to extract from the disks:

My own stuff

Various notable programs of my own creation

Other stuff