IPv6 Patches

I worked as a Research Assistant at ECS, University of Southampton over Summer 2003, with a focus on porting games to IPv6. This was part of the 6net project. These are some patches to provide IPv6 support for various projects.


I have been working on porting SDL_net to support IPv6. SDL_net is a library aiming to provide networking support in an abstracted cross-platform manner. SDL_net was been designed, however, to be oriented only toward IPv4.

I have modified the API to SDL_net in a way that supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Unfortunately this means that the new version of SDL_net is not API-compatible with the previous version. I have written a porting guide which summarises the changes.

Here is a patch to SDL_net-1.2.5 containing my changes.


Code to support the new version of SDL_net including IPv6 support is now in Sopwith CVS (see sopwith/src/sdl/tcpcomm.c)


I have PrBoom running over the new version of SDL_net. It needs some more work, however. Patches soon.


Scorched-3D is a clone of "Scorched Earth". This also uses SDL_net. patch.


Irmo now includes proper IPv6 support.


this patch adds an extra graph to awstats which displays bandwidth used by IPv4 against IPv6 hosts.
Simon Howard